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million raised to support K12 in VA

students impacted

business and education partners

"Virginia Ed Strategies has offered students the chance to focus on those math strategies that are often connected to real-life experiences.  The classroom instruction presented not only engages the students, but encourages parent participation.  As a result, students become better learners!  Real life experiences, motivation and a growth mindset allow the students to take interest in what’s going on around them – often satisfying their math curiosities."

- Gwendolyn Mangum
Assistant Principal of Halifax County Middle School

“Virginia Ed Strategies provides a valuable voice for public education in the Commonwealth and beyond. Their team of professionals bridge the gap between the education and employer communities to give students access to work-based learning opportunities, academic curriculum aligned to the marketplace, and pathways to successful careers.”

- Kim McKay
Director of Public Policy for the Virginia Chamber of Commerce

"I am excited to see the transformation from VASS to Virginia ED Strategies. Jennifer and her team are bringing their extensive K-12 experience to strengthen K-12 and business partnerships for better workforce alignment. They are helping school divisions and companies think creatively about meeting the demands of the workforce while also ensuring a solid education foundation."

- Laura Worley Fornash
Senior Vice President of McGuireWoods Consulting LLC

"Virginia Ed Strategies connects businesses and education practitioners to prepare future-ready students for employment opportunities. Its work as a convening organization is carried out by professionals with deep experience in education and communications that in turn have a direct and immediate impact on the lives of young people and a long-term impact on the economy of Virginia through its future workforce."

- Elizabeth Povar
The RiverLink Group

"Virginia Ed Strategies has a very important mission of bringing Virginia's public schools and businesses together to support and prepare students to be 21st Century Career Ready while meeting the Virginia Department of Education's Profile of a Virginia Graduate. The organization and its connection with James Madison University is able to collaborate with school divisions throughout the state to increase the number of future ready graduates."

- Dr. Jeffrey Scales
Director of Secondary Instruction, Mecklenburg County Public Schools

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Partner with Virginia Ed Strategies in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce

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Helpful Resources to Deal with Covid-19

  When Governor Northam made the announcement that schools would be closed for the remainder of the academic year, educators realized that virtual learning would now be the new normal for...